It is the belief of the Battlefords’ & Area Sexual Assault Centre that sexual assault is not an issue of sex, but rather of power and control – an act of violence, not passion.   Victims of sexual assault do not ask to be assaulted and responsibility for the act lies with the offender.

Further, the Centre believes that victims of sexual assault, male or female and of any age, are hurt by these acts whether they occurred recently or long ago.   Not only is the victim affected but a crisis of this nature encompasses the dynamics of the entire family.   Thus, the Battlefords’ & Area Sexual Assault Centre believes in providing support, counseling and information to the victims of sexual assault, their families and significant others.   Anyone traumatized by sexual assault is entitled to a free and confidential service to assist them to return to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

It is also the belief of the Battleford’s & Area Sexual Assault Centre that public education and awareness are essential in the prevention of future assaults.  Awareness and education must encompass all ages of the population, from young children to the elderly.   Thus, the Centre provides educational/teaching sessions as well as resource materials for children and adults in an attempt to foster awareness and aid in the prevention process.

The Battlefords’ & Area Sexual Assault Centre realizes that it is only one agency involved in providing service to victims of sexual assault.   The Centre believes in working with all other agencies involved with sexual assault, in both client-centered and educational aspects.   Through co-operation, agencies involved in providing sexual assault related services can learn from one another for the benefit of all.

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